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Thinking of launching a new site in 2021? Let us help.
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Aimbots & Auto Aim

Aimbot Location - This allowsyou to target different parts of the body with your aimbot, such as the head, chest, or body. This is great for games where players are wearing body armor, such as Escape From Tarkov.

Aimbot (head) - Aimbot head is used to describe the aimbot locking on to the enemy player's head.

Aimbot Key - This will allow you to toggle your aimbot on/off with any key you would like.

Aimbot (limbs) - Aimbot limbs is used to refer to the aimbot targeting the limbs of an enemy player.

Aimbot FOV - Aimbot FOV is the maximum number of degrees in which the crosshair of your weapon will move in order to lock on to the closest enemy's head.  Essentially, an invisible circle is created around your character, and if anyone goes within that circle, you will lock onto their head.

Aim Mode - Aimbot mode will allow you to set your aimbot to assist you either with your primary fire button such as mouse1 or to any key you would like. This helps you remain undetected within games.

Aim Smoothing - Aim smoothing is a feature that allows you to integrate your aimbot into your normal mouse movements. This is going to help your use of an aimbot be less detectable. This is typically used in first-person shooter games like Overwatch or any other game that allows players to spectate a kill.

Autoswitch Targets - Autoswitch targets gives you the ability to immediately switch targets after killing an enemy player. This will help you destroy an entire squad of enemies, but should be used with caution.

TriggerBot - Trigger bot will automatically shoot your weapon immediately when another user comes within your crosshair. This is one of the easiest ways to kill enemies in multiplayer games.

Triggerbot Mode - Triggerbot mode will allow you to set the level of intensity or advantage you want from your triggerbot. You can either set it to lock on to targets 100% of the time or, you can have it toggled to a key. This is going to help you remain undetected in any online games you are playing.

Triggerbot Delay - Triggerbot Delay helps you look less suspicious when using a triggerbot. Essentially, you can set the period of time between an enemy coming near you and trigger bot locking on to the character to get the kill. This will help you look much more natural.

Triggerbot Minimum Damage - Triggerbot minimum damage will allow you to set your weapon to shoot only when you want it to do a certain amount of damage. For example, your gun will not fire if it does not earn a kill, or your gun will only fire if you want to do 50% of an enemy's health. This is commonly used by players who want an extra bit of security from potentially being caught cheating by making their gameplay look more natural.

No Recoil - No recoil, as the name describes, gives your weapon no recoil. This means your shots will be dramatically more accurate.

No-Sway - No sway simply means your gun will not sway. This is often used by those who want to use a sniper rifle without the need to hold their breath.

No Reload - Tired of being killed in the middle of your reload? Then you need the no reload hack. No reload allows you to use all of your ammo without ever needing to replace your magazine. Gone are the days of you killing someone in Warzone and being killed by someone's squadmates in the middle of your reload.

Visuals & Enhancers

Chams - A cham is a colored model that is designed to be easy to see. There are many different cham options available for different models in your game.

Health Colored Chams - Health colored chams will help give you the best idea of who to engage first. The color of the cham will change depending on the amount of health an enemy player has.  For example, Green is full health, yellow is half, and red is close to death. In this situation, you would want to always target a red player, then yellow, followed by green. This would optimize your kill pattern and increase the odds of you winning fights.

Transparent Chams - A transparent cham will allow you to see player models through a map's walls. The best part is you can customize the program to allow you to set the colors of different players. You are always aware of where everyone is.

Weapon Chams - A weapon cham will change the visuals of other player's weapons to be a solid color. This will help give you a better idea of the weapons the enemy is using and will allow you to share this information with your teammates.

Bullet Tracers - There is nothing worse in video games than not knowing where the enemy is shooting you from. Well, bullet tracers will help you solve that problem. A bullet tracer will draw colored lines to trade where the rounds came from. This is going to make it much easier for you to take cover and eliminate enemy players. The best part about bullet traces is they rarely look suspicious. You should use them wisely, don't immediately turn and fire, wait for a second, and then shoot. This will make your shots look much more natural.

Always Day - Always day allows the player to give the game daylight lighting regardless of the map. Perfect for finding players on those dark maps with tons of hiding spots.

Outline Glow - Outline Glow will outline the bodies of enemy players with a glowing light. This makes it incredibly easy to track both enemies and friendly players.

Bullet Decals - Bullet decals are similar to bullet traces, except only you can see them. What bullet decals do is show you exactly where your bullets have landed. It will also give you the option to show you where enemy or teammate bullets are landing. This is great for anyone looking to improve their accuracy in any FPS game.

 Stealth Mode - Sealth mode will disable any visuals, sounds, menus, or anything else that would indicate you are cheating. This is specifically designed for players who want to stream but still cheat. Stealth mode will keep whatever features for the hacks you have on your machine but will not allow you to change any features while you are streaming.

Third Person - This allows you to toggle into third-person mode.

Third Person Key - Allows third-person view to be toggled via a custom key.

No Hands - remove your hands from the hud.

No Scope - removes scopes from weapons in-game.

No Zoom - removes sniper zoom effects. 

Friends - Your friends will be shown in a different color.

Enemy Only - The game will only show enemy players making it much easier to quickly drop players.

Projectiles - display and trace projectiles. 

Always Day - There is nothing worse in games like EFT where you find yourself in a dark area, making you prone to other players sneaking up on you. If you use the always-day hack, you will always have sunlight even if other plays do not. This means you will always have the advantage over other players.

Wallhack - Wallhacks will allow you to see enemy players through walls. This is perfect for battle royale games to catch players who are camping in buildings.

Toggle Wallhack - Toggle wallhack will allow you to turn your wallhack on and off quickly. You never have to worry about being caught or cause any suspicion by quickly being able to turn your hack on and off quickly.  You will hear a sound indicated that your wallhack is turned on.

View Model FOV- The view model FOV will change your weapon field of view with ease giving you a massive advantage.

Footprint Hack - Footprint hacks allow you to follow the footprints of enemies. An X will be shown where the footprints of an enemy are. This will make it easy for you to track them down!

Grenade Helper - Everyone loves throwing grenades to take out enemies, but oftentimes grenades can be difficult to toss accurately. Well, the grenade helper will show the exact path of the grenade you are throwing, so you will know exactly where it lands.

ESP - Extra Sensory Perception

ESP - Extra Sensory Perception or ESP allows you to see where players and weapons are within your game.

Player ESP - Player ESP allows you to see where enemy players are within your game.

Enemy NPC ESP - Depending on the game you are playing, enemy EPC will allow you to see enemy NPC players. For example, if you are playing Escape From Tarkov, you will see NPC Scavs.

Item ESP - Item ESP gives you the ability to see which items are near you. The items tracked will be dependent on the video game you are playing, but this is an excellent tool for anyone looking to dominate a match.

Weapon ESP - Weapon ESP allows you to see the weapons your enemies are using. This will allow you to sneak around and get the drop on another player who would otherwise win a gunfight.

Name ESP - Name ESP allows you to see the names of enemy players near you within the game you are playing.

Distance ESP - Distance ESP gives you the distance details of how far away players are. This allows you the time needed to evaluate how to handle whatever situation you find yourself in.

Health ESP - Health ESP allows you to see the health of any person near you. This gives you

Healthbar ESP - Healthbar ESP will highlight enemy players in a color typically green, yellow, or red. If they are green, it means they have full health, yellow means they are injured, and red means they are about to die. This will help you know which player you should target first.

Sound ESP - Sound ESP is a fantastic hack for any game if you are looking for something that won't be visible at all to anyone spectating you. What sound ESP does is play a beeping sound whenever you mouse over an enemy player. The closer the enemy is, the fast the beep becomes. It's an excellent tool that will allow you to play the game with a hack on but remain undetected.

Resources ESP - Resources ESP will show the location of any resources you want to track such as ores, ammo, stashes, crates, or any other resource you can find in games.

Box ESP - Box ESP places a colored box around any players on the map. These colors can be customized to your liking and work fantastically with any other ESP hacks.

HeadDot ESP - HeadDot ESP will draw small dots on the heads of other players. If the dots are white, it means the enemies are not within your sight, but if they are red, they are visible.

Name ESP - Name ESP will allow you to keep track of other players on the server. Tired of the same opponent killing you over and over? You can track him down and get your revenge!

Health ESP - Health ESP will tell you the exact amount of health another player has. This will help you calculate your attacks accordingly to kill solo players or a group of players quickly.

Cross ESP - Cross ESP is a colored indicator that represents where enemies and teammates are at all times. This works perfectly with the footprint hack to give you an accurate location of where other players are.

Draw ESP On Allies - You can set this option to not see the information on your teammates. This will help keep your gaming experience as optimized as possible and give you only the data you are interested in.

Global Weapon ESP - There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your favorite weapon on the map. With global weapon ESP, you can easily track down your favorite weapons and gather your winning loadout quickly.

Only Visible Target ESP - Only visible target ESP is perfect for anyone looking to gather information on enemy players but makes it looks less obvious. This means you won't be able to see enemy details through walls such as health, names, etc., but you will be able to see it when the enemy is in front of you.

Radar - Radar will give you the option to see enemy players on a small radar box who are within a certain range of you. This is amazing for games like PUBG, EFT, or really any other online FPS game. The more information you have on enemy players, the better! You can also pass the information along to your team to guarantee you all get the win, but make sure you trust your teammates. You wouldn't want them to report you.

Minimap Radar - Minimap radar will turn your minimap into a 2d radar.


Fake Lag - We all know how frustrating it is to play online games and hit lag spikes. It makes it harder to register shots, and overall it is incredibly frustrating to deal with. Well, fake lag will cause random amounts of lag. This will make it much harder for enemy players to hit you but still make yourself look like a normal player within your game.

Fake Lag Strength - This will allow you to set the strength of your fake lag. The higher your strength, the harder it will be for shots to register on your character.

Auto Accept - Nothing is worse than missing a queue pop because you are AFK. If you turn on auto-accept, you will accept invites to a game anytime your queue pops.

Hit Sounds - Hit sounds will play a sound every time you hit an enemy player. Similar to hearing a hit marker in a game like overwatch, you will know exactly when you hit or miss an enemy player.

Name Stealer - This allows you to steal another player's name, making it harder for enemy players to tell who is hacking.

Name Linebreak - Adds a linebreak for each letter in your name. This will make it much harder for players to accurately report you.

Noisemaker Spam - Spam sounds from the voice menu. 

Chat Spammer - This allows you to spam the chatbox with multiple lines of text at once. Perfect for frustrating the other team or advertising a product you are selling.

Anti-AFK kick - Makes it impossible for the server to kick you for being AFK. 

Auto Vote - Auto vote will make automatically vote yes or no in server votes. 

Ping Reducer - Reduces your ping on the player list. 

God Mode - God mode is going to make you invincible to all other players. This is one of the more dangerous hacks to run as it's obvious to most players that you aren't taking damage, but it's a blast to use!

No Clip - No Clip will allow you to walk through any walls in-game. However, you should be aware that no clipping runs a high chance of being detected and potentially banned for cheating.

Panic Key - If you ever think you're about to be caught cheating, then you should hit your assigned panic key. This will disable all of the cheats you currently have active.

 Instant Revive - This Will allow you to revive yourself or a downed teammate instantly.

Instant Heal - Instant heal gives you the ability to instantly health yourself to full health.

Infinite Ammo - Infinite ammo will give the player unlimited ammunition.

Grenade Warning Alerts - Grenade warning alerts will alert you when an explosive is nearby. This particularly helpful in situations where a player throws a grenade into a small room or a building.

Auto Collect - Auto collect gives players the ability to automatically pick up any item they run across.

No Flash - No Flash hides the flash from the barrel of your gun.

Fire Rate/ Rate Of Fire - You can modify the fire rate of any weapon in the game. For example, a fully automatic sniper rifle or a burst-fire machine gun.

Rapid Fire - When rapid fire is turned on, your gun will fire as fast as possible. This pairs perfectly with aimbot.


Bunny Hop - Continuously jump when you hold down the spacebar. 

Duck Jump - Duck jump allows you to crouch while jumping.

Edge Jump - Jump before falling off an edge

Taunt Sliding - allows you to taunt while moving.

Walk On Water - Walk on water gives the player the ability to walk on top of water in-game.

Infinite Stamina - Gives the player infinite stamina, so you can continuously sprint.

Teleportation - Teleportation gives players the ability to teleport to any location on the map.

Gravity Modifier - Gives the player the ability to change the gravity levels within a game.

Flying Cars - Gives in-game vehicles the ability to fly. This hack is best used in single-player games due to it being incredibly obvious.

No Fall Damage - Removes any damage taken from falling making getting around maps substantially easier.

Flight Mode - Allows the player to fly around the map instead of walk.