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Roblox is probably one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. I remember the times I would spend countless hours in front of my PC screen, playing with randoms I had befriended during my adventure on more than several online servers. This addiction wasn’t a good one though, as I was not only shying away from my friends in-real-life, I was spending a lot of my hard earned money from my day job just to keep up with the community. If you’d like to continue reading, you may do so. Or if you’d like to use our hack, you may scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Hack Roblox” to navigate to our free robux generator.

BUT HEY, listen. We highly recommend you read our blog post as thoroughly as possible, or else you might not get a definitive understanding of how our Roblox Generator truly works. That said, we definitely recommend reading through our post before skipping straight to our hack. You eager little beavers.

Continuing where I left off.. When you’re part of a community as big a roblox, it creates pressure. You want to fit in so badly you become revolved around buying cool items. That in itself can be a hassle, since many of these items can cost you real money, and some might not have the means to provide that kind of money to continue playing. I mean, even I had trouble paying for my roblox addiction. At one point I was spending nearly 100SUD every single month on Robux – I remember my spend amount increasing when Roblox decided to kill of their Tix currency, which in my opinion completely ruined their community. Mind you, it can be sad when your only motivation to play a game comes directly from the amount of money you spend on it every month. The worst part about this entire situation was that I was unaware. Oblivious to the fact that there were several working Roblox Cheats available for me to use, and at the moment I discovered that they existed I was kicking myself. I had invested thousands of dollars in creating one of the best Roblox profiles out there and had I known I could just hack roblox to generate free robux I could’ve saved myself a LOT of money.

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Finding a real Roblox Hack to Generate Robux used to be easier though

When I first found the old hacking forum that promoted this roblox hack, I was seriously afraid of using it. Doing a quick google search of “how to hack robux” yielded many results, some fake and some real. I couldn’t help but think to myself the repercussions I could face if I were to be caught using a hack. I didn’t want to risk the profile I had invested so much money into – waking up one day to find out that my account was banned due to suspicious activities. So instead of using my main account and my main internet service provider, I went to a library and created a new roblox account, in hopes that roblox wouldn’t trace the IP or account back to anybody. Essentially creating a new online-identity for myself. I was astonished by my finds.

The roblox cheat itself didn’t work, as the cheat involved using an application called Cheat Engine which changed local variables within the game. Because this roblox cheat was local, it only changed local user data. So no matter how many attempts I made, it wouldn’t increase values on the server-side. However, when I stumbled across an online generator I became intrigued. It claimed that it had the ability to change server data without triggering any of the cheat systems the game creators implemented. Which I found to be one of the best features of this online robux hack.

I immediately entered my username and the amount of robux and tix I wanted to generate. Just for safety reasons, I generated a very low amount. Since I was  curious to see whether it would work or not, and to my surprise it generated the exact amount I needed.

But like all good things come to an end, this website had been taken down due to loss of interest. It takes a LOT of time, resources, money to continually patch generators to keep them working. In some cases it could take an entire team of people to continually update a cheat/hack like that. With a community as big as Roblox, hacks can go out of date by the day. Which is why it’s important to use generators while they’re still functioning properly.

All in all, I contacted the owner of the old generator to see if I could borrow the same code he used to construct the robux generator. He graciously donated it to me and my team of coders and we’ve been updating it ever since.

So now that I’m done talking about my Roblox story and how I stumbled upon a working robux hack, let me explain some of the features our generator has.

#1 Our Robux Hack is Persistent at ALL TIMES!

Unlike most other exploits, ours has a constant persistence. Which means it’s always connected to roblox servers, whether somebody is using it or not. The reason why this is so wonderful is that it notifies us when we’ve lost connection, which is usually a tell-tale sign that roblox has patched our hack. Another benefit of a constant persistence is that generating robux is close to instant. Although the server does take a couple minutes to release values in place of old ones, it is a pretty quick process. Much quicker than comparable hacks.

#2 Our Roblox Generator is SMART

When I say smart, I’m not referring to intelligent. No it does not have the ability to communicate with you, this isn’t Jarvis from Iron Man. It does have the capability to automatically find solutions to patches roblox’s implements. Not only minimizing the amount of downtime we face when roblox patches exploits, but finding instant solutions at times when our community and the roblox community might need it the most.

#3 Our Roblox Hack Tool Uses Proxies

Much like some of the other hacks on our website, like our AppNana Hack for instance, our robux hack automatically utilizes a new proxy connection when new instances are made. Cloaking the originating IP of our cloud server, decreasing your chances of getting caught using our hack. Not only does this save you the headache of getting your roblox account unbanned, but it saves you time. As these connections speed up the entire hacking process, much like connections via P2P are much faster than traditional downloads, since they’re making hundreds of verified connections, versus one weak connection.

I highly recommend you try us out. You can do so by clicking the button below and navigating to our generator. If you have any questions of concerns, please contact us by navigating to the lowest portion of this page and selecting “contact us”, we’ll get back to you ASAP. However, keep in mind, it could take more than several days to get in contact with us. As we’re coming out with more generators by the day, alongside of patching old ones.

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