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Phantom Forces Hack – Roblox

With the amount of times we’ve made posts regarding Roblox Hacks, you’d think that we’d be obsessed? I can admit that I’m a regular when it comes down to playing Roblox, but I wouldn’t consider myself anything close to being obsessed with the game. Regardless, there’s many gamemodes that frustrate players, and unfortunately for some, Phantom Forces happens to be on that list of games. It’s not really a question of WHY it is frustrating to play, but how the frustration can be alleviated. Although many freelance coders have gone above and beyond to create aimbots for Phantom Forces, it’s become hopelessly apparent that these remedies have a shelf life, an expiration date, a day where these hacks fail and eventually come to their demise. True for some, maybe not for others. Point being – although there were many phantom forces hacks available on the internet, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as most of them have either disappeared due to patches being made and the rest have fallen off the face of the earth for no reason at all. Some claim that this is due to Roblox’s very strict user policy to ward off hackers, or people who intend to cause trouble in-game for innocent players. Others claim that the owners of these gamemodes paid these cheat developers to keep these hacks from destroying their community. Either way, I feel that every user has a right to express themselves whether it is socially acceptable or not. Which is why I am extremely happy to report that our Roblox Hack is doing better than ever, and can be considered a wonderful alternative to the aimbots that were traditionally used to hack Phantom Forces way back in the day. So before I begin my explanation on the top #5 reasons why our Phantom Forces Hack is a much better than pre-existing aimbots, I encourage our eager visitors to visit our roblox hack by clicking the “Hack Roblox” button located at the bottom of this page. Continuing on that, allow me to explain.

#1: Our Phantom Forces Hack doesn’t require any downloads.

Because our hack isn’t an aimbot, texture editor or anything of that sort, it doesn’t require you to download any suspicious files or shut off anti-virus (who in the world would do that anyway). Our Roblox Hack is 100% cloud based, so it doesn’t require any downloads to use. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Why would you want to restrict yourself so greatly by using something meant for an extremely specific task? Break free from these silly constraints and simplify the hacking process by hacking Robux instead!

#2: It’s extremely simply to use!

Because you’re not having to set up any aimbots, transparent textures or anything of that sort, the hacking process is simplified drastically. It’s SIMPLE, all you have to do is navigate to our front-end hack by clicking the “Hack Roblox” button located at the lowest portion of this page and complete all the forms, requiring your username and the amount of robux you’d like to generate. Because we’re not limiting our users to one specific currency, the users have a choice on what they use their robux for. Whether it’s for hacking Phantom Forces, or any other game for that matter. What you do with your hacked Robux is absolutely up to YOU!

#3: It’s impossible to compromise your account!

After vigorous case studies, alongside of heavy testing, we’ve found that excessive use of our tool only leads to CERTAIN accounts getting banned. And that facing any repercussions due to using our hack has little to nothing to do with the amount of times you use it – or the excursiveness of use. The main reason accounts get compromised is due to bragging/raging/using constant profanity in chat, and although we didn’t make the connection at first, we quickly found that accounts that were reported manually through the roblox report system had a MUCH greater chance of getting banned after using our Phantom Forces Hack than regular accounts that were NOT CHEATING. Keep in mind, we have had numerous users from early stages of our Roblox Hack (beta testers) that have been using us for more than a few years and have had little to no complications with their accounts. We recommend those that use our tool to safeguard themselves and use proper server etiquette. As not doing so can lead to excessive reports, manual flagging and serious repercussions.

#3: This is a permanent solution.

There have been many solutions made in the past. However, I wouldn’t consider any of these “solutions” to be anything near permanent. As soon as they hit the community and had been made public, they became tainted in a sense. Dropping off the internet due to safety reasons, threats and other common issues. Unlike our competitors, our solution is a permanent fix. Because we’re offering our users a chance to hack robux, not only are we devoting our efforts to a bigger cause, but we’re safely staying under the radar and avoiding unnecessary attention. The last thing any cheat developer wants to do is become a trend and reveal himself/herself to the server community as a threat. I’ve seen situations like this fold out before and take close attention to avoiding it at ALL COSTS.

Our Phantom Forces Hack isn’t actually a Phantom Forces Hack at all. Since we’re hacking Robux, we’re granting our users the ability to safely hack in ANY gamemode, without even hacking the gamemode in the first place! Because we’re creating an environment where we can concentrate on developing one hack, instead of devoting our efforts to hacking specific gamemodes, not only are reducing overall workload. We’re ensuring that whatever patches we encounter in the future will be dealt with responsively and in a timely manner.

It goes to show why LazyAssGamer is one of the most trending hack communities on the web today!

So if you’re looking to hack Robux, but having a difficult time finding an up-to-date robux hack, click the button located right below this text! And as always, we look forward to seeing y’all in our next post!

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