• New Victini WIFI Event and Sweepstakes

    Along with the recently released Victini C-Gear, the new Victini WIFI Event and Sweepstakes have been announced to help promote the upcoming Pokemon Movie. Even though it is not currently avaliable as of now, the new Victini WIFI Event will be available for download in North America and in Europe from December 3rd to December 31st over the Nintendo WIFI Connection. This WIFI Event features a special Victini that knows V-Create ( which is the highest based Fire Type Attack of 180) and Searing Shot, as well as the signature moves of Zekrom and Reshiram, Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare. Along with the announcement of a special Victini, there is also a Victini Sweepstakes for residents of the U.S. Starting now and until December 7th, the “V for Victini Sweepstakes” will take place at Pokemon.com. To participate in this contest, all you have to do is enter you email address at Pokemon.com (Only one entry per day). There are 25 prize packages available, which feature a Victini Pokemon Trading Card Game Tin and a Victini Plush. The grand prize will be given out on December 5th, which contains a Flame Red 3DS, a special “V for Victini” Pokemon Trading Card Game Tin, a Noble display box of booster packs, both of the Generation 5 Games (Pokemon Black & White), and a Victini Plush. Make sure you enter at Pokemon.com for your chance to win and good luck to all who enter.