• New Nintendo 3DS Bundles For Europe and Australia

    Nintendo has announced that Europe and Australia will be getting new 3DS bundles. The bundles features the new colors for the 3DS systems; Coral Pink, which was announced during the Nintendo Conference about a months ago, and Ice White, a new color which is set to be released in Japan on November 3rd. There are two different games that will be bundled with the two different 3DS systems. The Coral Pink 3DS will be bundled with the game, Nintendogs + Cats, and that will be released in Europe on November 18th and in Australia on November 17th. The Ice White 3DS will be bundled with the highly anticipated game, Super Mario 3D Land, and will be released in Europe on December 2nd. As of now, the Ice White 3DS bundle appears to be exclusive to Europe as there is no confirmed release date for Australia. There is also no confirmed released dates for the North America region for either of these bundles. Although, I am sure that both of the new 3DS colors will come to North America in some point in the future.