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Monster Legends Hack – Cheat The Game

Monster Legends can be a difficult game to play, especially if you’re a novice in playing strategy games and have a difficult time allocating months of effort into building out a solid profile. Regardless, some people pay their way to the top. But not many new players have the capitol to invest, or would rather slowly build out their profile over time. The sad fact is, it can take months if not a full year to build out a STRONG Monster Legends account. Take it from me – it’s taken me almost a year and half to reach level 101, and I’m already nearing the end of the adventure map waiting for the game creators to create more levels. If it wasn’t for our previous Monster Legends Hack, it would’ve taken me substantially longer to reach level 101. Which is why everybody at LazyAssGamer, including me, are absolutely thrilled to be releasing this cheat once more. But not for long, so take advantage of it while you still can!

If you’d like to continue reading this post, you may do so by scrolling down. However, if you’re an eager little beaver and wanting to get straight into it. Then please click the “Hack Monster Legends” button located right below this text.

Back to where I left off. Monster legends isn’t exactly a forgiving game for inexperienced players. Sure, if you’re a Clash of Clans veteran you might find ease in game play, due to the competitive and strategic nature of both games. However, if you’re not used to playing action/multiplayer games that demand expertise in strategy and patience, then you might find yourself in a deep rut. One that might cause you anger and lack of motivation to continue playing. If you’re not in an alliance or clan and are not dedicated in initiating and participating in clan wars, then you might as well throw in the towel. Because this is the ONLY way you can efficiently level up in-game and hatch new monsters. And to be honest, it’s not getting any easier either. With powerful monster life levels decreasing over the years, people have been forced to buy gems to heavily  upgrade their monsters. And with 30% higher gem costs than when the game was initially released, growing your account to a high enough level to compete with other players at a decently competitive level is nearly impossible without spending some coin in-game.

So what gives? Why has Monster Legends increased their prices so drastically over time with little to no REAL benefit for their dedicated fanbase of non-paying members?

The answer is INFLATION.

When the community became bigger, it had done so because of how ridiculously easy it was to level up without waiting weeks on end for upgrades to finish. Back then, it took 50% less time than is does now to upgrade. The company SocialPoint needed to develop a strategy so that they could profit from the game more, since they had invested hundreds of thousands into PPI campaigns and ad promotion to essentially “get the ball rolling” for the Monster Legends game series.

It’s not that Socialpoint was in a financial deficit, because that was anything but the case. With popular free-to-play games like World Chef and Dragon City, you can assume that they were already pulling in enough revenue to sustain their companies promotions – if not more. However, like all businesses ventures there needs to be balance. According to SocialPoint, Monster Legends wouldn’t have been nearly as large as it is today if they hadn’t increased wait times or Gem costs.

The common user would see the flaws in this accusation, which is why so many people have turned to other ways of playing. Whether legitimately or illegitimately.

How does your Monster Legends Hack benefit us?

Unlike similar exploits out there, this isn’t a trainer or patch. There’s no need to download Cheat Engine, root/jailbreak your phone, download any fishy software or buy reoccurring monthly subscriptions from us. Although our previous Monster Legends cheat had been 100% software based, we decided that when we’d release it again we would attempt to put forth more effort into building a more sustainable hack. Something that’s easy to update when it it patched, simplistic for the end-user to use, quick in responsiveness and usable from anywhere in the world. And why wouldn’t we consider these things? In this day and age, we would be crazy not to integrate more advanced technological goodies.


How does it even work?

Unlike our old hack, we don’t use a VB.NET software to automate the tasks we carry out. Sure, we still have a very similar backend to handle the operation itself. However, we do not rely solely on this, as we have learned in the past that things can get quite frustrating for our community when one of our cheats has significant downtime. Although I’d like to explain how our cheat works in a more thorough way, I cannot due to the risk of being patched. You can rest assured though, we have more than several methods to change Gem values within the Monster Legends game for whichever user account we deem have this operation carried out on. Ensuring that if one cheat is patched, the next will still be working, whilst we find a workaround for whatever is patched.

We discovered this to be one of the most efficient methods in providing our community with up-to-date cheats, which have little to no downtime whatsoever.

How to use our cheat/How to hack monster legends?

It’s absolutely simple. Navigate to our generator using either one of the “hack monster legends” buttons located either above or below this text. Once you navigate to our online generator, you may enter your Profile ID/Username into the textbox prompt, so when it searches for a user account it may accurately view your user information.

Once a valid Profile ID/Username associated to your user account is entered, you may select the amount of gems you’d like to add to your account. Keep in mind though, we do offer the option to generate a random amount. That is if you’re a first time user and scared to utilize our service.

Once everything is selected, you may begin the generating process. You might have to go through a few prompts, just to keep bot traffic to a minimum. Make sure to click on the prompts as they come up, as that is the only way for our server to detect whether you’re a human or a robot. (This is to reduce the amount of resellers and abusers from using our tool)

About LazyAssGamer.

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