• Fifa 12 – UEFA Euro 2012 Review

    If one thing people at Electronic Arts are good at, it’s churning out games at the most opportune of times. To commemorate the Euro Cup, EA has released the first ever downloadable content UEFA Euro 2012. At a cursory glance, the most outstanding features would have to be the excellent sharp/crisp presentation and depiction of the Euro ambiance and atmosphere. The usual modus operandi which is part and parcel of FIFA game player vs. AI, or player vs. other players on player online is there.
    If you select the first one, you’d go through the whole tournament festivities and its associated rites and ceremonies, which are brilliantly rendered. You pick a team, get drawn into a group and face off against your opponent in your first game in a very meticulously drawn stadium. As with any real team, your team is prone to injuries, so take the strategic route when you are finalizing your lineup, formation and tactics, before a match. During the match, you can listen to expert anecdotes and commentary from two stalwarts: Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley, adding to the realistic look and feel of the game. The downside of the game is the newly introduced “Expedition Mode” where you are charged with assembling a team of ragtag players from all over Europe and a star player from country of your choice. Your mission is to lead this squad through Europe defeating nations, your reward after winning would be a player awarded from the defeated team and a piece of mosaic. The thing that bothers the most is that even with all the practice your ragtag team members remain ragtag and show no improvement in skills. So, acquiring a player from the opposing team is the best bet here. The entire process has to be repeated 53 times to finish the expedition mode, by the end of which, one is bored with monotony of things. The reward for going through this dull exercise is a picture! Remember the mosaic? It was one of the pieces of the picture, do the math.
    Verdict UEFA Euro 2012 is overall fun, beautifully packaged and well presented content, but a few things like the expedition mode and the brief celebrations, once you lead your team to victory, leave margin for improvement. Plus, the price tag EA put on it, considering it’s not a full-fledged game but downloadable content, is a bit steep.
  • Rating: 60%
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