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Elemental Battlegrounds Hack – Roblox

If you’re a vetted roblox player, then you’re more than well aware of the server gamemode called “Elemental Battlegrounds”. And no, I’m not talking about the smaller and much less profitable remakes of this game, I’m referring to the original made by the user mygame43.  Although many have attempted to replicate the success of this gamemode/server it’s essentially a pipe dream, considering the fact that this server attracts more than 16,000 players nationally every single day. And if that number isn’t astonishing enough to blow you socks off, get this. Elemental Battlegrounds has had over 7 million separate visits all together. Mind you, I know Celebrity Facebook Profiles with less engagement, let alone lifetime views. Being so successful you think they’d be recognized on major publication networks, or at least on some gamer forums. Surprisingly though, this isn’t the case. Modesty is always a good thing when it comes down to a community though – the less know about how amazing it is the better – as many community servers have gone down the drain due to heavy saturation and the depletion of interest in it’s fans. Regardless, this game mode is an absolute BLAST, and that’s coming from someone who has played so many games of so many genre’s and community types. So before I get into explaining more about our Elemental Battleground Hack, allow me to explain why this game-mode is so absolutely addicting to play. Or, if you’re eager, which I can assume you are, you can scroll down the bottom portion of this page to navigate to our Elemental Battlegrounds Hack!

That being said, let’s get into the cold, hard facts.

1: Elemental Battlegrounds is SUPER competitive.

Just when you think you’ve upgraded your players element to something greater/more rare you’ll come across someone whose player absolutely DOMINATES yours. Not elemental wise, but statistically. Since you have the option to upgrade your players statistics in Elemental Battlegrounds (ex. power, stamina, health) you might just play with some seriously high statistic users. And that’s just a fact. But this in itself is what makes the game so absolutely addicting to play, which in turn makes it as competitive in nature as it is.

2: Elemental Battlegrounds is not your typical Roblox game.

You know it, I know it, I think a majority of the community knows it. There’s some game modes you’d rather avoid playing, because either their community sucks or their gamemode is so outlandish you’d rather invest your time into something more… erm… fun? Because Elemental Battlegrounds incorporates deathmatch into gameplay, users find it much more appealing and competitive. Sure, the game creators could’ve gone another route and had chosen not to incorporate deathmatch into the game. However, it would be much less enjoyable if it were to be based on players casting spells endlessly with no result.

3: It’s constantly updated and driven by it’s community leaders!

There’s been a lot of games that have risen and fallen due to neglect, which is why so many popular games have died over the past few years. Some have risen past the point of failure while others have chosen their fate – the path of descent. It’s not too shocking to see communities go down the drain because game creators get greedy over their in-game currencies. Personally, I believe the real cause of a community dying has nothing to do with money, I believe it has everything to do with updating your game and staying ahead of your community.

When users make suggestions, these are based upon their individual experiences with your gamemode. Some suggestions can be quite outrageous, but others can definitely be considered sensible in nature. So when you block off this channel and decide to ignore the community, the community tends to ignore you back. Which leads to bad user experiences, refunds requests. You name it, I’ve been there.

Which is where Elemental Battlgrounds really takes the cake.

4: Elemental Battlegrounds is ageless.

With some gamemodes, age can be of concern. For instance, not many adults playing Roblox have the interest to play games related to high school roleplay or fashion shows. The great thing about Elemental Battlegrounds is that it doesn’t have any age. You can be 12 or 30 years old and it can still be extremely appealing to play. Although I can attest to how immature the chatroom can be at times, I will say that overall, the userbase on Elemental Battlegrounds is vast in age. Which is no surprise, considering it targets such a diverse amount of interests!


Elemental Battlegrounds can be a very entertaining game to play. However, most of the in-game items are expensive and a rubux purchase will need to be made if you intend to expand your skill levels further, unless you’re willing to needlessly invest hours of time into building out your account, which can take months, if not a year minimum. Here’s a list of things our hack doesn’t require:

1: It doesn’t require you to download any fishy scripts/software/spyware.

There’s many hacks that have been efficient in the past, but sometimes it’s better to leave the past in the past. Sure, the auto-spam script might have been one of the greatest out there, since it was undetectable by Roblox’s cheat system. However, you were required to download and run background software. Not only lagging out the game and sacrificing overall responsiveness, but lagging out your computer running a process on interval. It’s just not that great. Plus, it limits you to moving up in that one specific game. Whereas, if you were to hack robux, you wouldn’t be limited to spending it all in one type of gamemode. Alternative methods just don’t cut it. Our Elemental Battlegrounds hack is 100% cloud based, just like all our other popular hacks!

2: It doesn’t require any special experience.

Some hacks require you to have a bit of technical knowledge to configure, let alone diagnose should anything go wrong. Ours doesn’t require anything on your end, other than your patience and your username. Heck, you don’t even have to worry about proxying to proven being detected. We’ve thought of everything when we developed our Roblox Hack, so our users don’t have to worry about complicated setups and heaven forbid – security issues.

3: Our hack doesn’t require any precaution, should you hack elemental battlegrounds or any game for that matter.

Our cloud servers use a 256 bit EAS encrypted hard drive that is passcode secured. Your information is safe with us and is deleted on a basis, to ensure none of our users have their accounts breached/attacked and banned. Not only do we keep our hard drives secure, our hack uses a constantly rotating private proxy that rotates through a list or around 1k private/authentic proxies from real DNS’s. So that every time we change server values, the source of the change is untraceable.

How to use our Elemental Battlegrounds/Roblox Hack?

Since our hack doesn’t generate in-game resources in Elemental Battlegrounds, you must hack Robux and redeem them for in-game perks/items. So please keep this in mind when utilizing our hack – it’s not made specifically for hacking Elemental Battlegrounds, it’s made to hack Roblox games in general.

If you’d like to navigate to our hack, you may do so by clicking the “Roblox Hack” button located right below. You will be taken to our Roblox hack page – from there you may click the “Hack Roblox” button on the page. In doing so, you will be directed to our cloud based robux generator. Also, please note that when using this generator, please don’t use excessively, as it could lead to detections being made!

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