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Driftmoon Alpha Review

There’s been a number of indie RPG’s created over the course of the past several years. Some successful, in terms of download numbers and others a little less popular. Though, popularity shouldn’t be a determining factor when searching for a non-mainstream RPG to play. Sure, when you play in larger communities more easter eggs are found, more quests can be had and some interesting tidbits of information can be taken for greater use. But there’s something truly special about playing an RPG with less monetary-oriented goals and more orientation around pleasing it’susers. Driftmoon is a primary example of the good that can be had when a game company listens to it’s users, implementing suggestions whether good or bad – listening to the voice of the community.

Although it took a solid 7 years for Husband and Wife (Both Owners/Bloggers @ Instant Kingdom) to finish the development of this game, you can only assume how thorough and plentiful gameplay would be for the end user, being there was so much time invested into creating this game. And that leads me to my review.

Playing Driftmoon can be quite awkward at first, as the view angle of your player isn’t like most RPG’s. However, I found my game stuck in Ultima VII mode, which drastically changes the view angle from an isometric angle to a nauseating top-down diagonal angle. Nevertheless, It doesn’t take very long getting used to, as it isn’t THAT irritating after playing for a while. As far as gameplay goes, it might not be exactly what you would expect if you’ve played many larger RPG’s before. Driftmoon is lighthearted and silly in adventure, with the emphasis based around small and interesting objectives. Although Driftmoon is primarily considered an RPG, I would have to classify it’s genre as an adventure RPG, with little to no serious objectives. Sure, the game does have some very challenging scenarios. However, it’s nothing to be taken too seriously. I would imagine that this was the intention Instant Kingdom had when they initially began creating the game. Nonetheless, it’s a new take on a genre that’s normally taken quite seriously among gamers.

Player progression is not terribly advanced. You have the ability to choose difficulty levels, player gender, a name and once that’s done Que Sera, Sera. You do have the ability to progress in-game, which is why I cannot stress enough the importance of having a very watchful eye. If an object is movable, I highly suggest moving it. If you encounter a section of area you haven’t explored before, it’s recommended you do so. As not doing so can put you in difficult positions, especially if you’re low on important resources like berries and mushrooms.

Driftmoon is filled with hilarious moments, even some pop-culture references are made in-game. And this sense of hilarity is what broadens our point on how easygoing the game creators were when they wrote out all the scripts. Sure, the script does seem multidimensional, even using 3rd person references throughout, but nothing otherwise should be expected out of an indie RPG like driftmoon.

In terms of in-game battles, they’re anything but difficult. I found myself frustrated by the auto-combat features the game had, automatically fighting enemies if you don’t use any special skills meanwhile. Although I increased difficulty since I had finished the game, I still felt that the game didn’t require tactical behavior. When reaching certain objectives you will be accompanied by other characters in game – and at times you will encounter enemies with these characters. Fortunately enough, when fighting others in game, accompanying characters will not die. Instead, they will be put into a ‘knocked out” state, rendering them incapacitated whilst subjecting you to finishing the battle at your lonesome. As frustrating as the limited combat capabilities are, they are what you’d expect from a game like driftmoon. Although I seem to have a bone to pick with in-game battles, I do find the adventure aspects of this game to be extremely appealing, and so do many other reviewers.

Although Driftmoon Alpha can be a VERY fun game to play for someone whose interests are oriented around Adventure RPG’s, it can be like stepping back into the 90’s for those who play more popular indie RPG’s, or more generalized RPG’s for that matter. But nothing pushes you back onto memory lane like playing Driftmoon, especially if you’re a sentimental gamer. But if you’re a LazyAssGamer, then you’d probably enjoy this game as much as we did!

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