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Castle Clash is a seriously addictive game, especially if you’re into multiplayer strategy games. With identical ergonomics to Clash of Clans and similar graphics and playing objectives, it can be quite hard to differentiate the two, unless of course you’re a true gamer. However, if you’re a LazyAssGamer then you too know the difficulties of becoming a better Castle Clash player, especially if you’re aiming to break into higher levels. If you’d like to continue reading this article, you may do so. However, if you’re an Eager Beaver and you’re wanting to get straight to hacking, then click the button below to navigate to our castle clash hack.

Continuing where I left off. If you’re ever wanting to upgrade your town hall to a prestige level (aka level 25), you’re gonna have to invest some kind of money into the game at some point. I understand that some think this is avoidable, and I’m sure it was if you joined the game when it first started. But keep in mind, most of the players that are at level 25 have:

A: Used bots to get there.

B: Hacked their way to the top.

C: Had gotten there due to massive amounts of investments time-wise.

D: Paid their way to the top. (very rare case)

So unless you have more than a few hundred dollars to spare, about a years worth of time to constantly play or an undetectable castle clash cheat bot, your chances of getting to any high enough level to stand your ground and play among the professionals is next to impossible.

I remember when I first started playing Castle Clash, my motives for doing so were solely due to the fact that I HATED Clash of Clans. I had retaliated against COC due to their greediness and overall lack of interest in pleasing their community. They had gone from an awesome community of serious gamers and dissolved to a money making business with only one intention: Profit.And nothing makes me more upset than seeing such a large community become ruined due to greed, which was the motivation we had in mind when my team and I created this cheat.


What does this Castle Clash Hack do?

First of all, I’ll tell you what it doesn’t do. Since this hack is 100% cloud based like our other hacks, it doesn’t require you to download any malware infested executable files. All it requires is a stable internet connection, a couple minutes of your time and the patience of a Lap Dog.

This hack is server sided, so you don’t have to worry about your newly generated gems going *Poof* after a 24 hours. Since we’re injecting values straight into community servers, they become a permanent number once our cloud servers disconnect from castle clash servers, that is unless you overwrite the values with a new value. Which I have no idea why you’d want to decrease your gem amount.


What can this hack generate?

As of right now the only thing our castle clash hack can generate is gems. Because Mana and Gold values are ever-changing in-game and can increase or decrease at any given point in time, we discovered that generating Gems solely is much less detectable versus generating Gold or Mana.

You can think of it like this:

If you’re a magician sitting at a table full of people watching and you place two cards on the table only to remove one and then replace it soon after, people are going to notice the two moves you had made in order to remove and replace the card. However, if you’re not removing any cards but simply adding an additional card to the table, this is only considered to be one move. Which is much less noticeable for all the occupants at the table.

Although this explanation is quite off-topic, it’s a great way to explain how cheat detection systems work over at Castle Clash.


Can this Castle Clan Cheat get my account banned?

So far, out of all the users we’ve assisted in hacking their accounts, only a few had gotten banned. We suspected that they used our hack too frequently, which lead to an internal investigation regarding these user accounts. As long as you use our hack sparingly and don’t generate large quantities of gems on a basis, then you should be absolutely fine.

If your main objective is to generate loads of gems at once, we highly recommend you use a dummy account and a proxy connection. Otherwise, you risk getting your account and IP banned.


Does using this service cost money?

The entire goal of LazyAssGamers is to offer the gaming community the ability to hack games free of charge. It’s the emphasis and the motive that keeps us developing new hacks for more games, and to do otherwise would be against our morals.

This Castle Clash cheat is free of charge and free to use by anybody in ANY country. No restrictions whatsoever. However, like we said previously, we do not recommend using us on a frequent basis, as that could potentially get your account banned.


How do I begin using this Castle Clash Hack?

We take user experience seriously here, which is why we have clear-cut instructions on how to use our hacks on all our generators we have site-wide. It’s easy! To begin hacking Castle Clash, navigate the to generator using the button below!

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